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Our customers particularly appreciate the strong practical relevance and the tailor-made content.


Each trainer has an upbeat and motivated personality, understands his or her professional craft at Champions League level from practical experience and offers high didactic skills.

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All of our trainers have practical experience and are among the best in their respective social media and online fields.
We are constantly evolving along with social media as it never stands still. We know about the current and upcoming social media trends. As a consequence a strong practical orientation is always guaranteed.

Manuela Morgenthaler

Manuela Morgenthaler

Multi Channel Strategies I Content Production I Community Management

«Being approachable and meeting users as equals - that's how the best relationships are created. Also in the digital world.»

Manuela will analyse where you stand and will show you which strategy you can use to produce successful content. She will also show you how to build and keep in touch with your community.

With Manuela you will acquire knowledge and skills in the areas of:
- Content Production (shooting, editing, photography, text)
- Digital Storytelling
- Multi Channel Social Media Strategies
- Content Planning
- Community Management
- Concept Development
- Project Management

In addition to her work as a social media trainer, she works as an instructor for SRF and as a documentary filmmaker and producer.

DAJ - MAZ The Swiss School of Journalism

Annette Fetscherin

Annette Fetscherin

Consulting I Strategy I Channels I Video I Photo I Text

«Authenticity is also the be-all and end-all in social media. Personality attracts potential followers.»

Annette will analyse your goals, your possibilities, and where you stand on social media with you. She will show you how to use social media and how to produce and publish content for your target audience appropriately.

With Annette you will acquire knowledge and skills in the areas of:
- Consulting & Analysis of your current starting position, goal definition & strategy development
- Conceptual design of integrated social media engagements
- Overview of the relevant social media channels, their settings, and their respective characteristics
- Video: planning, recording, production, visual message, tools for video editing
- Photo: production, visual message, tools for image editing
- Text: creative, apt language, appropriate titles, meaningful descriptions
- Community: development, maintenance & dialogue

As a ``digital personality`` at Swiss radio and television SRF, Annette is one of the figureheads in social media. Her main job is to present the daily magazine programme ‘Sportaktuell’ and live broadcasts of various sports events on SRF television. Additionally, as a producer she creates television content and directs programmes.

Master's Degree in Journalism, English Linguistics and Political Science.

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