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Your presence in social media has enormous potential. We will support you to fully exploit it.

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With tailor-made social media workshops, goal-oriented training, and individual coaching we will enable you and your employees to excel in social media.

You will learn how to produce your content in a way that is appropriate for your target audience and how to ideally manage your channels strategically. As your partner we will individually challenge and support you as well as your team. On the spot or online.

Our cooperation is unique because it is always based on tailor-made content.

Contact us for a non-binding conversation to discuss and specify how we can support you and your team.


Analysis & Strategy

We will analyse your initial position together and see what added value your organization can offer its audience on social media. Learn how to define a clear target audience, position specific content, and how to achieve your strategic goals.

You will learn how to develop a concrete and applicable social media concept that you can use either independently or in the form of an objective basis to work with a Content Agency.

Photo workshop

You will learn how to take pictures that never fail to convey messages and emotions to the audience.


You will learn everything about your relevant channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, LinkedIn, or YouTube.

The usage and importance of each channel is constantly changing and so are we. Together with external specialists from our vast network we cover other channels as well.

Text workshop

You will learn how to write flashy headlines and exciting texts for social media. Learn what text structure should be applied for each specific channel. You will learn how to combine text and images so that they are attractive for your audience and offer excitement as well as added value.


You will learn what defines a real Influencer and how you could become one.

Alternatively, you will understand which influencers could be useful for you or your business and what working with them could look like in order to realise great campaigns.

Video Workshop

You will learn how to plan, produce, and subsequently distribute videos to the right audience with our social & web video professionals.

Moreover, you will learn which equipment and which video software is necessary (and which isn’t).


You will learn how to measure the reach of your content with different (free) tools, how strongly the target audience interacts with your content, and how good your organisation’s image is online.

You will learn how to interpret the results correctly in order to further exploit your organization’s potential on social media.


We are ideally positioned for social media training. With our knowledge, strategic consulting, and network, it is in our nature to look beyond the horizon and think out of the box.

Contact us online 24/7 if you have any further questions (e.g. about appearance and AdWords analysis of your homepage).

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